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Antivirus for Mac Installation Instructions

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Click here if a window for downloading the software does not open automatically.

Confirm that your computer meets the installation requirements.

Video: How to Install Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

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When the Download process begins, a Trend Micro Downloader dialog box appears:

Select Save As (from “Save” dropdown) and navigate to the folder where you’ll put the Downloader.
Click Save.

When Trend Micro Internet Security.dmg appears on your desktop, double-click the icon. The installer appears.
Double-click Install Trend Micro Internet Security.
Step 0

A popup appears, indicating the installer will run a program to determine if Internet Security can be installed.
Step 0

Click Continue.

  1. The Trend Micro Internet Security Installer Welcome screen appears.
    Step 1

    Click Continue.
  2. The Software License Agreement appears.
    Step 2

    Scroll down the window to read the Trend Micro End User License Agreement. If you agree to the terms, click Continue.
  3. A popup appears for you to agree or disagree to the agreement.
    Step 3

    Click Agree.
  4. A screen appears prompting you to either Enter a serial number or Start a free trial.

    Choose the type of installation you prefer.

    For a Paid version, enter the Serial Number into the field provided.
    Step 4

    For a free trial, change the selection to Start a free trial of Trend Micro Internet Security.
    Step 4

    Click Continue.
  5. A window appears, indicating that a Standard Install will begin on your hard drive and calculating the amount of space it will take.
    Step 5

    Click Install.
  6. A popup appears prompting you to enter your administrator credentials to give permission for the install.
    Step 6

    Enter your Mac’s account Name and Password.

    Click Install Software.
  7. The installation proceeds, writing files to your hard disk.
    Step 7
  8. If you installed the Free Trial, a window appears, recommending you provide your email address to receive the latest news and offers from Trend Micro.
    Step 8

    Enter your preferred email address or leave the field blank.

    Click Continue.
  9. A window appears, saying Installation Successful.
    Step 9
  10. If you installed a Paid version, a screen appears, prompting you to enter your email address to Activate Your Protection.
    Step 10

You now have two options:

  • Use an existing Trend Micro Account: Provide the email address for this account.
  • Create a new Trend Micro Account: Provide a preferred email address.


Using a previously created Trend Micro account:

  1. If you have activated Trend Micro software before, simply enter the email address you used to create the account in the first Activate Your Protection screen and click Next. A screen appears for you to Sign In to your account.
    Option 1 Step 1

    Enter the Password for your Trend Micro account.

    Click Next.
  2. A screen appears prompting you to name the computer.
    Option 1 Step 2

    Enter a computer name to help identify it in your Trend Micro Account.

    Click Next.
  3. A screen appears, saying Protection Activated.
    Option 1 Step 3

    Your protection is activated and the installation is complete.

    Click the Close icon or Finish to close the Installer.

Creating a new Trend Micro account:

  1. If you have not activated Trend Micro Software before, enter your preferred email address in the first Activate Your Protection screen.
    Click Next.
  2. A screen appears, asking you to Enter Account Information.
    Option 2 Step 2
  3. Enter your account information, then read the Trend Micro Privacy Statement.

    If you agree to the terms, check the box beside, “I have read and agree to the Trend Micro Privacy Statement.”

    If you wish to “Receive the latest news and offers from Trend Micro,” leave the checkbox selected. Otherwise, you may decline by deselecting that option.

    Click Next.
  4. A screen appears to Check What You Entered.

    Make sure all your entries are correct.
    Option 2 Step 4

    Click Next.
  5. A screen appears saying Protection Activated.
    Option 2 Step 5

    Click Finish to close the activation screen.
  6. The Trend Micro Internet Security Console appears, with the message, “Not Yet Updated”.
    Option 2 Step 6

    Trend Micro Internet Security will automatically update in 10 minutes. In the future, the application will automatically update itself whenever necessary.
    If you wish to begin the update now, click Update Now.
  7. A popup appears, indicating that Trend Micro Internet Security is downloading an update.
    Option 2 Step 7
  8. When the update is complete, a popup appears, saying Update Completed.
    Option 2 Step 8

    Click Close to close the popup. You now have access to the latest protection.
    Option 2 Step 8

    Click the Close box in the upper left-hand corner to close the Console.
    Option 2 Step 8

    Click the Close box in the upper left-hand corner of the Installer to close it.
  9. On your desktop, click the mounted installer disk icon and choose Eject “TRENDMICRO” to eject the mounted installer.
    The icon is removed from your desktop.
    Option 2 Step 9
  10. If your browser was open during the installation, a popup will appear asking you to quit your browser(s) to enable the Trend Micro Toolbar.
    Click Quit Brower to close your open browser(s).

Congratulations! This completes your installation of Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac.

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