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Mac Cleaner - Computer Disk and Memory Optimizing Utility App

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Dr. Cleaner - free Mac memory and disk space cleaner

Dr. Cleaner for Mac

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Trend Micro™ Dr. Cleaner is a free Mac cleaner utility app that provides you with better computer performance by optimizing both your Mac OS X disk and memory. It is easy and quick to use, with an intuitive user interface. 

Dr. Cleaner begins by discarding trash bin files. Then it scans, cleans, and frees up memory so you can run critical applications faster.

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What Customers Are Saying

Thousands of satisfied Apple Mac users have already downloaded and used Dr. Cleaner. A large majority of them are giving it the highest rating allowed: 5 stars.

“I used a couple of other ones [Mac cleaners], but this app is the one I loved and [am] still using. It boosts the memory, cleans the disk, clears caches, and in the latest update it’s faster & it allows you to quickly view which apps are exhausting your memory (from the menu bar). If Dr. Cleaner wasn't free, I’d totally buy it.”

“This app is great…My computer is working great again, and I don’t have to pay anything. Thank you, Trend Micro!”
-Jo’s Basement Studio

“Cleans, no problems!! Fixes my memory issues!”

Disk Clean

Disk cleaner

  • Removes temporary files including cache files
  • Clears mail cache
  • Removes user download folders
  • Deletes browser data, iTunes downloads and iOS temporary files
  • Empties the system trash can
Clean Folder

Unique features

  • Removes invisible and stubborn junk files left behind after uninstalling an app
  • Detects junk files automatically and notifies you to purge them
  • Identifies and shows apps using significant computer memory
  • Finds and displays large files on your Mac that you may wish to delete
  • Supports Voice Over
Memory Monitor

Memory optimizer

  • Frees up unused memory
  • Cleans memory with one click
  • Frees up memory used by recently accessed files
  • Automatically optimizes system memory after closing apps
  • Allows you to monitor memory usage in the menu bar


System Requirements

Dr. Cleaner is compatible with OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor.
Version: 1.3.0
Size: 2.2 MB
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
Product Guide


Comparing Dr. Cleaner vs. Fiplab’s Disk Doctor and Memory Clean

Mike Miley, Trend Micro’s technical product marketing manager, has written a detailed article about how Dr. Cleaner compares with Fiplab’s well-known Disk Doctor (available for $2.99) and free Memory Clean app. 

See how Dr. Cleaner stacks up against the Fiplab apps.


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