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Best Practices for Future-Ready
Endpoint Security


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MedITology Webinar: Protecting Patient Information Join IT healthcare expert Tyrone Jeffress, Manager of IT Risk Management at MedITology, as he discusses how to overcome security challenges and keep patient data secure in your data center and the cloud. 
AWS re:Invent re:Cap Join leading cloud expert, Mark Nunnikhoven, as he reviews the highlights from AWS re:Invent, unearths the hidden gems, and discusses how these new features could impact your approach to security in the AWS Cloud. on-demand
Discover the cybercriminal underground We cover three areas of Crimeware as a Serice, including Ransomware as a Service, Exploits as a Service, and Espionage as a Service and we'll also highlight how organizations can minimize the risks associated with them. on-demand
Best Practices for Future-Ready Endpoint Security Get a strategic approach to endpoint security that will transcend generations and keep pace with evolving threats and the broadening attack surface area. on-demand
Securing the Hybrid Cloud in Azure

Learn how Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ is working with Microsoft to provide customers a secure cloud to meet their business needs for the hybrid cloud reality of today and tomorrow.

Monthly Threat Webinar - October 2016 - Scariest Ransomware Families Get an update on the latest ransomware activities, and learn about new technologies used to detect ransomware. on-demand
3 Secrets to Becoming a Cloud Security Superhero Learn how to leverage AWS and security super friends like Trend Micro to create an impenetrable fortress for your AWS workloads, without hindering performance or agility. on-demand
Deploying Scalable & Secure Web Apps with AWS Elastic Beanstalk & Deep Security Explore the best ways to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to automatically provision your AWS workloads and fit your security strategy. on-demand
Chef integration with AWS and Deep Security Learn how to integrate Chef with AWS and Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ in this webinar with live demos. on-demand
What Every MS Exchange Professional Needs to Know About Ransomware Mike Osterman, from Osterman Research, will cover the latest ransomware research and best practices to keep ransomware out of your email system and from impacting your users. on-demand
Simplify Cloud Security for your Azure Hybrid Environment with Deep Security See how Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ simplifies security management for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads from a single product with the ability to scale security at the speed of your business. on-demand
Protecting Your Applications and Data in AWS Learn how to leverage Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ and its seamless integration with Sumo Logic's data analytics service to enable rich analysis, visualizations, and reporting of critical security and system data. on-demand
Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Security in the Software-Defined Data Center Learn how Trend Micro and VMware have partnered to deliver an optimized hybrid cloud security solution. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - September 2016 – Mobile Ransomware This month's webinar will focus on the mobile ransomware landscape, including the evolution of the threat, where we're seeing attacks occur, and how to protect your devices from this threat. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - August 2016 - 1H'16 Security Roundup This month's webinar will feature information from our 2016 mid-year security roundup report. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - June 2016 - Exploit Kits This month's webinar will cover the latest trends in exploit kits and how to protect against them. on-demand
Say NO to Ransomware Learn ransomware best practices and steps you can take to protect and prepare your organization from this emerging threat. on-demand
Times of Risk and Cybersecurity Fernando Thompson from Universidad De Las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) will give recommendations for organizations looking to select a breach detection solution. on-demand
Thinking About Replacing AV with Next Gen Endpoint? Learn how Trend Micro's combination of proven and next-gen endpoint capabilities will help your organization protect, detect, and respond to threats better in an automated, integrated solution. on-demand
Accelerating PCI Compliance in the Hybrid Cloud PCI compliance is daunting. Get help to make things easier for CISOs trying to balance security and compliance with business agility. on-demand
Realities Of Defending Multiple Cloud Services In Today's Enterprise How do you properly evaluate the risk across cloud computing services? Join us to discuss the scope and roadmap to resolve the issues. on-demand
PCI Compliance for the Enterprise This webinar will look at how PCI compliance is changing due to pressures from consumers, corporate management, and the CISO in between. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - May 2016 - Go From Hunted to Hunting In this webinar, learn what the latest attack techniques are and how to change your strategy to one which takes you from being hunted to becoming the hunter. on-demand
Life after platform EOS: Vulnerabilities keep coming…and they don't expire Learn the effective ways to deal with end of support platforms and best practices for protection against the latest threats like ransomware. on-demand
How to Defeat Ransomware Get the latest information on how to effectively protect you and your organization from ransomware, from Trend Micro's top security experts. on-demand
Cloud automation in Microsoft Azure with CHEF and Trend Micro Deep Security Join us to hear from Microsoft® Azure™, Chef, and Trend Micro experts on how to best develop a cloud automation strategy in your Azure environment. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - April 2016 - 0-Days & Virtual Patching This month's threat webinar will discuss how zero-days are used, who uses them, and what the good vulnerability researchers do to ensure people and organizations are protected. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - March 2016 - Business Email Compromise Hear about a new threat recently identified by the FBI called Business Email Compromise. Learn how it works and how best to protect your organization from this threat. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - February 2016 Ransomware and crypto-ransomware will be discussed. Learn why this threat is increasing, what some of the latest crypto-ransomware threats do, and how best to protect your organization. on-demand
Monthly Threat webinar - January 2016 - Destructive Attacks to Critical Infrastructure Learn about destructive malware against critical infrastructure and commercial organizations, the latest in destructive malware, and why this technique is being used by threat actors today. on-demand
Eliminating Hybrid Cloud Security Gaps Not having the right security as you migrate to virtual and cloud environments can lead to gaps. Learn from Entertainment Partners on how to simplify security deployment and management. on-demand
Why the Right Security for the Right Infrastructure Makes All the Difference Join us to hear Essilor discuss the challenges of migrating to a virtualized environment and how the company overcame them to achieve cost and performance benefits—while staying secure. on-demand
Q&A w/ Forrester Research on the Evolving Threat Landscape Through a Q&A session with Forrester Analyst Chris Sherman, discover the what, when, and how companies are implementing the next generation of endpoint protection. on-demand
PCI DSS 3.1 Compliance in the Modern Data Center & Cloud: Lessons & Advice from Get an insightful view of PCI DSS requirements in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and more complicated deployment scenarios. on-demand
Ensuring Security is Never a Burden in the Software-Defined Data Center Learn how having the right security strategy for virtual and cloud environments can help you avoid challenges such as vulnerability gaps, lost ROI, performance lag, and compliance. on-demand
What happens when your Windows Server 2003 systems are vulnerable? This Virtual Patching webinar discusses the options organizations have to better manage vulnerabilities. It presents new methods to help adapt and mitigate known and unknown vulnerabilities. on-demand
Optimizing Security in the Software Defined Data Center In this session, University of Pittsburgh will share their story and you will learn how they delivered automated security across environments to achieve cost-effective compliance. on-demand
How UNB is using policy, practice, and technology to enhance cyber security Join David Shipley from University of New Brunswick as he describes the ambitious process to implement an effective, intelligence-based security strategy for your organization. on-demand
Quantifying the Value of Trend Micro Deep Security Cloud and data center security can be complex, so Trend Micro has teamed with analyst firm ESG to encourage organizations to think differently when it comes to cloud and data center security. on-demand
Eliminating Security Gaps in the Modern Data Center In this session, A&W will share their story and you will learn how they shield vulnerabilites, deliver automated security, lower cost and automate security deployments. on-demand
How Willbros Builds Securely in AWS with Trend Micro Attend this practical webinar by AWS, Trend Micro, and Willbros to learn how you can design a flexible, agile architecture that meets compliance requirements and protects your data. on-demand
Forrester Research: Cloud Security Best Practices Hear from Forrester Research on best practices that you can apply directly to your cloud architectures and operations to better secure applications and data—while minimizing cost and complexity. on-demand
Executive Action Plan for Cyber Security Join an informative webinar for corporate executives and directors who are ready to create a real and effective plan to secure their organization, data, and careers against targeted attacks. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - December 2015 Learn which top vulnerabilities are being exploited by threat actors against the critical servers hosted in data centers and cloud implementations. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - November 2015 w/ FBI special guest speaker Findings from the FBI: Information on the Latest Threats and Data Breaches on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - October 2015 Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news for October 2015. The best way to stay secure is to stay informed with Trend Micro experts. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - September 2015 Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news for September 2015. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - August 2015 Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news for August 2015. on-demand
Monthly Threat Webinar - July 2015 Hear the latest on the most recent data breaches, web threats, and cyber security topics in the news for July 2015. on-demand
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