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Smart Protection Network – threat data mining framework

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When it comes to protecting your digital world, smarter means faster

Top threat researcher Rik Ferguson tells you why analyzing big data is such a big deal for your security

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Spn LogoThe Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ mines data around the clock and across the globe to ensure that you are always protected. We use our up-to-the-second threat intelligence to immediately stamp out attacks before they can harm you. And the same accelerated cloud security powers all of our products and services, protecting millions of businesses and users around the globe.


How do we keep you ahead of threats? We use the latest data science techniques to analyze big data. We rapidly and accurately collate this wealth of global threat intelligence to customize protection to the specific needs of your home or business. It’s not just an amazing amount of threat data. It’s global threat intelligence that uses predictive analytics to protect against the threats that are most likely to impact you. Read more »

How the Smart Protection Network’s global threat intelligence protects you:

Icon CollectCollects more threat data from a broader, more robust global sensor network to ensure customers are protected from the volume and variety of threats today, including mobile and targeted attacks. See current threat activity » 

  • 100s of millions of sensors
  • 16B threat queries daily
  • Files, IPs, URLs, mobile apps, vulnerabilities, and more
Icons IndentifyIdentifies new threats faster using finely tuned automated custom data mining tools and human intelligence to root out new threats within the large data streams. See test results »
  • 100TB analyzed
  • 500K new threats identified daily
  • 50x faster time-to-protect than average*

Icon ProtectsProtects through a proven cloud-based infrastructure that provides the fastest possible protection against new threats and minimizes the risk associated with an attack. See how we protect consumers, small businesses, and enterprises »

  • 250M threats blocked daily
  • 500,000+ businesses
  • Millions of individuals and families


To maintain this immense scale of threat protection, we’ve created one of the world’s most extensive cloud-based protection infrastructures. Our threat defense experts and vast global network are constantly collecting data, identifying threats, and protecting your data. We innovated the immediate protection of a cloud-based approach back in 2008. We developed the automatic correlation of threats to customize protection just for you. And we’re ahead of the pack in giving you threat visibility across platforms, security layers, and users globally.



See how quickly the Smart Protection Network stops threats dead in their tracks.


See the history behind the technology designed to keep you ahead of threats.


A vast set of layered defenses to protect you and your data

Mobile App Reputation Protects you against malicious mobile apps by dynamically collecting and rating mobile applications for malicious activity, resource usage, and privacy violations
Whitelisting Protects against false positives using in-the-cloud whitelists from one of the world's largest databases to focus threat research efforts
Vulnerabilities and Exploits Rapidly discovers and protects you against known and zero-day exploits by virtually patching newfound vulnerabilities
Command & Control Communication Protection Quickly identifies botnet or targeted attack behaviors by identifying communications between targets and threat actors' servers
Threat Actor Intelligence Proactively protects against new threats using active research and investigation to identify new attack methods before they are used by cybercriminals
Enhanced Web Reputation Blocks users from accessing compromised or malicious websites by tracking the credibility of web pages and domains
Enhanced Email Reputation Blocks spam and phishing emails that use social engineering before they reach you
Enhanced File Reputation Checks the reputation of each file (including metadata like prevalence, age, geo-location) against an extensive database in the cloud before permitting user access, freeing you from dealing with oppressive pattern files
Big Data Analytics and Data Mining Correlation Provides immediate and automatic protection from the multitude of threats by continuously updating and correlating massive amounts of global threat intelligence
Smart Protection Server Safeguards network bandwidth, endpoint efficiency, and privacy by performing web and file reputation queries directly to local servers, instead to the public cloud
Smart Feedback Speeds protection by automatically updating Trend Micro's global threat intelligence each time a new threat is identified on a single customer's routine reputation check

*Consumer EPP Comparative Analysis - Socially Engineered Malware Edition 1 (NSS Labs)

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